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Chemokine Detection Kits

Chemokines, 8 to 12 kDa proteins, are a sub-class of the cytokine family. They are classified into four highly conserved groups, sharing 20 to 70 percent of their amino acid sequences. The alpha and beta-chemokines, which contain four cysteines, are the two major families. Among alpha chemokines, one amino acid separates the first two cysteine residues (CXC), whereas in the beta chemokines, the first two cysteine residues are adjacent to each other (CC). There are two minor chemokine groups, one which only has two cysteines (C) and the other which has the first two cysteine residues separated by three amino acids (CXXXC) (1, 2).

Chemokines induce inflammatory cell migration and activation by binding to specific G-protein-coupled cell-surface receptors expressed on different types of leukocytes. The alpha chemokines specifically attract neutrophils, but do not act on lymphocytes. Conversely, beta chemokines do not act on neutrophils, but selectively attract and activate monocytes and lymphocytes. In fact, chemokine signaling attracts and accumulates leukocytes in injured or damaged tissues, initiating both acute and chronic inflammatory responses. Therefore, elevated chemokine levels are observed in many inflammatory diseases (3-5). Furthermore, in malignant cancers chemokines play roles in inducing immune-cell infiltration, as well as cancer-cell proliferation (6).

Chondrex, Inc. provides chemokine detection ELISA kits to study the complicated pathological roles of chemokines in systemic inflammatory reactions in many inflammatory diseases and cancer. We also manufacture a line of Cytokine Detection ELISA Kits to study the physiological and pathological roles of cytokines in systemic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, nephritis, allergies, and colitis.

Human Chemokine Detection Kits

Product Catalog # Price (USD)
Human CCL2 Detection Assay Kit 6821 325.00
Human CCL25 Detection Assay Kit 6823 325.00
Human CCL28 Detection Assay Kit 6824 325.00
Human CCL5 Detection Assay Kit 6822 325.00
Human CXCL1 Detection Assay Kit 6825 325.00
Human CXCL14 Detection Assay Kit 6827 325.00

Mouse Chemokine Detection Kits

Product Catalog # Price (USD)
Mouse CCL17 Detection Assay Kit 6730 325.00
Mouse CCL2 Detection Assay Kit 6721 325.00
Mouse CCL20 Detection Assay Kit 6731 325.00
Mouse CCL25 Detection Assay Kit 6723 325.00
Mouse CCL28 Detection Assay Kit 6724 325.00
Mouse CCL5 Detection Assay Kit 6722 325.00
Mouse CXCL1 Detection Assay Kit 6725 325.00
Mouse CXCL13 Detection Assay Kit 6729 325.00
Mouse CXCL14 Detection Assay Kit 6727 325.00


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