Other Derivatives and Polysaccharides

Lysine is a naturally occurring amino acid and popular moiety for conjugation and fixation in biochemistry and life sciences. Lysine derivatives can carry both free primary amines and free carboxylates and are versatile tools for bioconjugation and fixation in living systems (1,2). The free carboxyl group in CM-derivatives is also useful for coupling other substances to the dextran chain. Cryopreservation is a process employed for the preservation of biological matter such as cells, tissues, and organs. The preservation is performed at low temperatures, typically at liquid nitrogen temperature at ?196 °C. The application scope of cryopreservation is very large spanning from preservation of cells or organs to cryosurgery, blood transfusion and in vitro fertilization (3). The process requires the use of suitable media involving compounds or derivatives, such as Polysucrose, also called cryoprotectants. These needs to be of low toxicity, have a strong anti-freezing capacity and a good post-thawing performance.



Product Quantity Catalog # Price (USD)
CM-Polysucrose 70kDa, 1g CM-Polysucrose 70kDa, 1g 1 g CCMP70-1g 210.00



Product Quantity Catalog # Price (USD)
DEAE-Polysucrose 70kDa, 1g DEAE-Polysucrose 70kDa, 1g 1 g CDP70-1g 0.00



Product Quantity Catalog # Price (USD)
Phenyldextran 40kDa, 100g Phenyldextran 40kDa, 100g 100 g CphD40-100g 1109.00
Phenyldextran 40kDa, 10g Phenyldextran 40kDa, 10g 10 g CphD40-10g 239.00


Product Quantity Catalog # Price (USD)
Polysucrose 1000kDa, 1g Polysucrose 1000kDa, 1g 1 g CP1000-1g 591.00
Polysucrose 20kDa, 1g Polysucrose 20kDa, 1g 1 g CP20-1g 300.00
Polysucrose 400kDa, 1g Polysucrose 400kDa, 1g 1 g CP400-1g 296.00
Polysucrose 40kDa, 1g Polysucrose 40kDa, 1g 1 g CP40-1g 228.00
Polysucrose 50kDa, 1g Polysucrose 50kDa, 1g 1 g CP50-1g 296.00



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