Animal Studies


Complete and Incomplete Freund's Adjuvants

Chondrex, Inc. provides Incomplete Freudn's Adjuvant (IFA) and Complete Freund's Adjuvant (CFA) with a range of M. tuberculosis concentrations (1 mg/ml - 20 mg/ml) that can be used for a variety of purposes.


Allergy Models - Allergenic IgE Monoclonal Antibodies/OVA-Induced Allergic Diseases

Chondrex, Inc. provides allergenic and non-allergenic mouse anti-OVA IgE and IgG monoclonal antibodies, as well as low endotoxin OVA for studying in vivo hyper-sensitivity reactions.

Allergy Models - House Dust Mite-Induced Asthma

Chondrex, Inc. provides purified HDM extracts from both D. farinae and D. pteronyssinus that are ideal for inducing allergic asthma in mice.

Crude Peanut Extract (CPE) and Mouse Anti-CPE IgE Monoclonal Antibody

Chondrex, Inc. provides CPE and anti-CPE IgE monoclonal antibodies for in-vitro and in-vivo studies to evaluate humoral immune responses against CPE in mouse allergy models.


Adjuvant Induced Arthritis - Adjuvants

Complete Freund's Adjuvants (1mg/ml – 20mg/ml) and Incomplete Freund's Adjuvants for immunization and inducing Adjuvant Induced Arthritis in rats.

Collagen Antibody Induced Arthritis

Chondrex, Inc. provides Arthrogen-CIA 5-Clone Cocktail kits for arthritis induction in BALB/c and DNA/1 mice as well as CAIA-low responder strains such as C57BL/6 mice and genetically modified mice with C57BL/6 (H-2b) or 129/Sv (H-2b) background.

Collagen Induced Arthritis

Chondrex, Inc. provides various species of highly purified type II collagen as wells as both Incomplete Freund’s Adjuvant (IFA) and Complete Freund’s Adjuvant (CFA) containing various amounts of M. tuberculosis to optimize the immunization condition for inducing Collagen-Induced Arthritis (CIA) in mice.

Cancer - Melanoma

Cancer - Melanoma

Chondrex, Inc. provides mouse anti-mouse CTLA4 and PD-L1 antibodies, which prevent the binding of their respective receptor and ligand, for activating cellular immunity in many types of mouse cancer models, especially useful for long-term animal studies such as carcinoma models.


Inflammatory Bowel Disease - DSS-Induced Colitis

Chondrex, Inc. provides DSS for the induction of colitis in experimental animals, as well as simple tools for evaluating typical features and complications of disease, which mimic human colitis.

Permeability Evaluation

Chondrex, Inc. provides fluorescent-labeled dextrans and a D-xylose assay kit to evaluate the permeability of semi-permeable membranes to macromolecules in vivo and in vitro.


Sepsis - Lipopolysaccharide

Chondrex, Inc. provides LPS in solution form, exhibiting Toxemia models (Endotoxemia models) in mice.


Nephritis - Mouse Immune Complex Glomerulonephritis Induced by Cationic BSA

Chondrex, Inc. provides cBSA and complete Freund’s adjuvant to induce the mouse ICGN model, as well as a Mouse Albumin Detection Kit to evaluate ICGN progression.

Nephritis - Rat Anti-Glomerular Basement Membrane Nephritis Models

Chondrex, Inc. provides anti-non-collagenous domain of the alpha chains of type IV collagen (NC1) antibodies with a single intraperitoneal (IP) or intravenous (IV) injection and NC1 fragments to induce Masugi nephritis models in rats.

Organ Rejection

Organ Rejection - Type V Collagen

Chondrex, Inc. provides bovine and human type V collagen for studying the possible involvement of type V collagen immunity in organ allograft rejection in both in vitro and in vivo experiments.


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