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Collagen Induced Arthritis

Chondrex provides various species and types of highly purifi ed cartilage collagen, type II, IX, and XI collagen, which are suitable for the induction of Collagen-Induced Arthritis (CIA) and various applications such as bioengineering of artifi cial cartilage and cell cultures. CIA can be induced in rodents and non-human primates by immunization with type II collagen, but it has been reported that type XI is also capable of inducing arthritis in mice and rats, since the alpha 3(XI) chain of type XI collagen is identical with the alpha 1(II) chain of type II collagen. Furthermore, it has been suggested that autoantibodies to type IX collagen may contribute to polychondritis development in mice. Choose the appropriate species and types of collagen for individual experimental purposes.

Type II Collagen

Species Quantity Catalog # Price (USD)
Bovine 10 mg, lyophilized 20021 195.00
Bovine 2 mg/ml x 5 ml 20022 195.00
Chick 10 mg, lyophilized 20011 195.00
Chick 2 mg/ml x 5 ml 20012 195.00
Goat 5 mg, lyophilized 20071 215.00
Human 1 mg, lyophilized 20051 321.00
Human 2 mg/ml x 0.5 ml 20052 321.00
Mouse 1 mg, lyophilized 20061 164.00
Mouse 2 mg/ml x 0.5 ml 20062 164.00
Porcine 10 mg, lyophilized 20031 195.00
Porcine 2 mg/ml x 5 ml 20032 195.00
Rat 5 mg, lyophilized 20041 304.00
Rat 2 mg/ml x 2.5 ml 20042 304.00
Sheep 5 mg, lyophilized 20081 215.00

Type IX Collagen

Species Quantity Catalog # Price (USD)
Bovine 5 mg, lyophilized 1072 295.00
Chick 5 mg, lyophilized 1071 295.00
Porcine 5 mg, lyophilized 1073 295.00

Type XI Collagen

Species Quantity Catalog # Price (USD)
Bovine 5 mg, lyophilized 1082 242.00
Chick 5 mg, lyophilized 1081 242.00
Human 1 mg, lyophilized 1085 315.00
Porcine 5 mg, lyophilized 1083 242.00

Combination of MHC Types and Species of Collagen for Inducing CIA
Collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) can be induced in certain strains of mice, rats, and non-human primates by immunization with type II collagen emulsified with adjuvant. Susceptibility to CIA in rodents is linked to MHC class II molecules of animals, but also depends on the species of type II collagen used for immunization. Choose the appropriate species of type II collagen for inducing CIA according to the table below. Importantly, homologous type II collagen is not capable of inducing CIA by an ordinary immunization schedule.


Two Factors that should be considered by Users of Animal Models

Animal models have contributed to remarkable advances in the understanding of numerous human diseases.  As invaluable as animal models are, some drawbacks do exist.  One such drawback stems from the different sources of variability which can affect the outcome of the experiments.  Therefore, a pilot study is generally recommended for first time users of all animal models.  A brief discussion of the 2 main points of variability will be explained below.

1.    Mouse Vendors

The genetic background of mice, even in the same strain, will vary from vendor to vendor and can affect how the animals respond to various reagents, thus impacting the results of your experiment (1).  Therefore, testing animals from different vendors using a defined protocol is recommended before proceeding with a large full-scale experiment.

2.    Housing Conditions

The bacteria flora is very important to the health of the animal, including the proper functioning of the immune system (1).  Therefore, we recommend housing animals in Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) conditions rather than conventional conditions to avoid variability caused by bacteria.

Overall, special consideration of these main points of variability will aid the researcher in completing their experiments with less confounding results.



1.    Ivanov II. et al.  Induction of intestinal Th17 cells by segmented filamentous bacteria.  Cell 139(3): 485-498 (2009).