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New Mouse IgE Antibodies against Peanut Allergens for In-vivo and In-vitro Studies
                                  New Mouse IgE Antibodies against Peanut Allergens for In-vivo and In-vitro Studies          ... Read More
New citations for our products published in January 2023
Chondrex, Inc. is excited to introduce new citations for our products published in January 2023. Please refer to the following articles as references for your studies. Cat# Product Article Title 2022 T Cell Grade Bovine Type II Collagen Pulsed... Read More
New Mouse Anti-House Dust Mite Der p2 Antibody ELISA Kits
House dust mite (HDM) is one of the most common asthma allergens, affecting up to 85% of asthma patients (1). More than 20 types of HDM allergens in Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (Der p)... Read More
Anti-inflammatory DEL-1 in Mouse Arthritis Models
DEL-1 is a protein known to regulate inflammatory cell recruitment and acts as an anti-inflammatory. The research group tested the effects of DEL-1 in collagen and antibody induced arthritis models. The group found that there was a significant difference in arthritis outcome between DEL-1 overexpression (animals are protected from arthritis) to control mice. In addition, if the mice are deficient from DEL-1, arthritis is exacerbated. DEL-1 could be an important protein for therapeutic treatment of arthritis. Read More
Optical Molecular Imaging Inflammation in Mouse CAIA Model
There is currently a need for a cost-effective imaging technique to aid in the early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, a crucial factor in improving patient outcomes. Optical molecular imaging (OMI) is currently used to image tumors for diagnostic and surgical applications, but can be adapted for imaging cellular and sub-cellular processes that are a part of other diseases. This article reviews how researchers at the University of Michigan used OMI to image inflammation in the mouse CAIA model, with promising implications for clinical usage. Read More
New Product: MTT Cell Proliferation and Viability Assay Kit
To study the cytotoxicity of experimental compounds, Chondrex Inc. offers a MTT-based cell proliferation and viability assay kit. This kit utilizes reduction of MTT by NADH to produce formaza. For cells in log phase growth, formazan concentration is directly proportional to the viable cell number. Read More
Introduction to Exosomes: Origin, Characteristics, and Isolation
A brief overview discussing the differences between exosomes and other extracellular vesicles, therapeutic potential of exosomes, and the difficulties in purifying exosomes. Read More
New Product Alert: CD63, CD9, PD-1, PD-L1 Monoclonal Antibodies
To further advance studies of the systemic effect of Immune checkpoint inhibitors and experimental cancer treatments, Chondrex, Inc. manufactures monoclonal antibodies against Read More
New Product Alert: Mouse Anti-HDM IgE Antibody Assay Kit
House dust mite extract is being increasingly used as an antigen to induce experimental allergic asthma in mice models. To aid in this research, Chondrex, Inc. manufactures a Mouse Anti-House Dust Mite IgE Antibody Assay Kit. This further adds to our line of Mouse Anti-House Dust Mite Antibody Assays... Read More
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