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T-Cell Grade Collagen

Minor contaminants in collagen preparations, such as pepsin and proteoglycans, are highly immunogenic, and may stimulate undesired T-cells with in vitro and in vivo experiments. Furthermore, antigen presentation cells cannot process native collagen in an in vitro culture system, since these cells generally lack collagenolytic enzymes. In addition, collagen forms a gel at 37°C during cell culture, which is fatal to these cells. Therefore, it is critical to use heat-denatured collagen instead of native collagen for in vitro T-cell stimulation. Chondrex, Inc. provides ultra-pure, pepsin-free, denatured collagen for T-cell proliferation assays, establishing T-cell lines, or for assaying cytokines released by activated T-cells.

In order to accommodate the variety of collagen studies available, Chondrex, Inc. offers different grades of collagen such as immunization grade, cell culture grade, ELISA grade, T-cell assay grade, and collagen CB fragments. If you need help deciding which grade of collagen is right for your study, please see our Understanding Chondrex, Inc.’s “Grades” of Purified Collagen article or contact us. For more information distinguishing between Type I and Type II collagen, please see our Type I & Type II Collagen: Structure Influences Staining Patterns article or contact us.

Collagen Solubilizing Buffer

Product Catalog # Price (USD)
Collagen Solubilizing Buffer 9075 16.00

T-Cell Grade Type I Collagen

Species Quantity Catalog # Price (USD)
Bovine 0.5 mg, lyophilized 1052 104.00
Chick 0.5 mg, lyophilized 1051 104.00
Human 0.5 mg, lyophilized 1055 316.00
Mouse 0.5 mg, lyophilized 1056 134.00
Porcine 0.5 mg, lyophilized 1053 104.00
Rat 0.5 mg, lyophilized 1054 134.00

T-Cell Grade Type II Collagen

Species Quantity Catalog # Price (USD)
Bovine 0.5 mg, lyophilized 2022 203.00
Chick 0.5 mg, lyophilized 2021 203.00
Human 0.5 mg, lyophilized 2025 396.00
Monkey 0.5 mg, lyophilized 2027 255.00
Mouse 0.5 mg, lyophilized 2026 553.00
Porcine 0.5 mg, lyophilized 2023 203.00
Rat 0.5 mg, lyophilized 2024 255.00

Protocol for in vitro T-cell proliferation assay