Collagen CB Peptide Fragments

Cyanogen bromide digested peptide (CB-peptide) fragments of type II collagen are available for studying B-cell and T-cell epitopes of type II collagen. These peptides are pepsin-free and ideal for studying epitope specificity of T-cells by proliferation assay. These peptides are renatured into triple-helical conformation by a step-wise cooling method*, and can be used as an antigen for analyzing epitiope specificity of antibodies by ELISA.

In order to accommodate the variety of collagen studies available, Chondrex, Inc. offers different grades of collagen such as immunization grade, cell culture grade, ELISA grade, T-cell assay grade, and collagen CB fragments. If you need help deciding which grade of collagen is right for your study, please see our Understanding Chondrex, Inc.’s “Grades” of Purified Collagen article or contact us. For more information distinguishing between Type I and Type II collagen, please see our Type I & Type II Collagen: Structure Influences Staining Patterns article or contact us.

*See Reference: Collagen Rel Res. 5: 469-480 (1985).

1. Collagen Solubilizing Buffer

Product Catalog # Price (USD)
Collagen Solubilizing Buffer Collagen Solubilizing Buffer 9075 16.00

Bovine CB-Peptides of Type II Collagen

Product Quantity Catalog # Price (USD)
Bovine CB10 Bovine CB10 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9021 534.00
Bovine CB11 Bovine CB11 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9007 445.00
Bovine CB12 Bovine CB12 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9022 534.00
Bovine CB8 Bovine CB8 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9020 445.00
Bovine CB9.7 Bovine CB9.7 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9059 467.00

Chick CB-Peptides of Type II Collagen

Product Quantity Catalog # Price (USD)
Chick CB10 Chick CB10 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9018 534.00
Chick CB11 Chick CB11 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9004 445.00
Chick CB12 Chick CB12 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9019 534.00
Chick CB8 Chick CB8 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9063 454.00
Chick CB9 Chick CB9 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9017 534.00

Human CB-Peptides of Type II Collagen

Product Quantity Catalog # Price (USD)
Human CB10 Human CB10 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9023 445.00
Human CB11 Human CB11 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9006 445.00
Human CB12 Human CB12 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9049 454.00
Human CB8 Human CB8 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9047 454.00
Human CB9.7 Human CB9.7 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9048 454.00

Mouse CB-Peptides of Type II Collagen

Product Quantity Catalog # Price (USD)
Mouse CB10 Mouse CB10 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9061 467.00
Mouse CB11 Mouse CB11 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9057 450.00
Mouse CB8 Mouse CB8 0.5 mg, lyophilized 9060 467.00


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