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D-Xylose Assay Kit

Product Name D-Xylose Assay Kit
Catalog Number 6601
Quantity 1 Kit
Price (USD) $150.00

Protocols D-Xylose Assay Kit


D-Xylose assay kit for the evaluation of semi-permeable membrane function, more specifically transcellular permeability by passive carrier-mediated uptake.

Note: Reagents NOT provided for an assay.

  • Glacial Acetic Acid**
  • Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid**    ** Use caution and wear appropriate protective gear when working with strong acids.


Pre-coated: No

Standard Range: 20 mM to 0.31 mM

Working Time (may vary): 0.1 Hours

Sample Type(s): Plasma

Read At: 554 nm


Catalog No. Product Price
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4009 FITC-Dextran, 40 kDa $70.00 Add To Cart
4014 TRITC-Dextran, 70 kDa $99.00 Add To Cart